Marwa Atik was born and raised in California to Syrian parents. Her passion for the veil (hijab), combined with her eye for fashion and design expertise, is apparent in her exclusive creations. Vela was born in 2009, when Marwa simply began incorporating her favorite accents, such as ruffles and zippers, into otherwise bland veils and advertising via word of mouth. Marwa also extended her creativity to designing actual techniques of how to wear the veils, based on their respective designs and style.
    In 2010, Marwa and her sister, Tasneem Atik Sabri, partnered to officially launch their company and website to bring beautiful, elegant, and affordable veils to women globally.
Finally, the original idea and passion for finding the perfect veil—regardless of occasion—was being met, and the sisters continue to work feverishly to maintain inventory, as well as consistent new designs, to keep their loyal clients happy. Vela's novelty veils have quickly become a must-have item for the veiled woman around the world, and the company has enjoyed overwhelmingly positive feedback on its veils—as well as passion.