Our purpose is simple, yet avant-garde: to capture the rare combination of modesty and high fashion. Latin for "veil," Vela aims to design beautiful veils that can be truly appreciated by the modern Muslim woman. We seek to end the often-frustrating search for that chic veil to perfectly complement any look — from the everyday to the special occasion. And of course, we pride ourselves on producing exclusive veil creations using only the finest fabrics from around the world — as the quintessential reflection of our customers.

The Vela lifestyle brand is the essence of our long-standing vision to empower Muslim women who embrace the challenge to merge modern flair and individual style.

The VELA girl:

She's fun, modest, intellectual, and is deeply involved in the community. She is well-versed on the latest trends, but knows how to make them suit her. The Vela girl knows her decision to be veiled does not fit the mold, but she embraces the opportunity to make her distinction beautiful.